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New Patients

If you’re visiting our practice for the first time, we’d like you to know what to expect. We want your time with us to be a positive and inspiring experience.

Love Chiropractic is often described as warm and friendly, with a clean, modern look. Our clients often comment on how thorough and professional we are. We hope you agree!

Your First Visit

Your first appointment will take about 30 minutes. We’ll welcome you and invite you to complete any necessary paperwork. You’ll then be taken to a consultation/examination room to meet with the doctor. Dr Bernard Love (Chiropractor) will conduct an in-depth assessment, including:

  • A detailed case history, including your current symptoms
  • A 65-point Chiropractic, Orthopaedic and Neurological evaluation
  • Spinal palpation and “Spinal Read and Relate”
  • Referral for Spinal X-rays if required

Your Second Visit

Your second appointment will take about 30 minutes. During this visit, the doctor will evaluate your examination and X-ray findings. This will help you understand the source of your problem. Clients often discover they have been putting up with significant dysfunction without realising it. It is common to lose function levels gradually in a way that is not obvious. Our testing procedures help to uncover this and this may come as a surprise to the new client.

Dr Love (Chiropractor) will also discuss customised treatment choices to help you start feeling your best. He will review your options to help you meet your stated goals. You’ll then receive your first gentle Chiropractic adjustment.

Ongoing Chiropractic Care

When you come in for your regular visits, we’re mindful of your time. Most treatment sessions with the doctor only take between 5-15 minutes. We make every effort to run on time at the practice.

We routinely perform ongoing progress examinations. This is to make sure that you’re responding according to our expectations. Your outcome of this evaluation will be compared to your original test results and symptom picture. We also will compare it to improvements in your spinal biomechanics. Regular re-assessment becomes particularly important once your symptoms are under control. We want to monitor your ongoing function levels. Function can drop without obvious symptoms to alert you.

Stop in to See Us Today

We have convenient hours and accept same-day appointments. When it comes to helping clients, Dr Love (Chiropractor) combines precision, passion and warmth. We want to welcome you to our chiropractic office; contact us today!


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