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Your incredible nervous system!

Today we want to remind you about your incredible nervous system!  It can often be forgotten by many but it plays a MASSIVE part in your overall health.

Chiropractic adjustments 'turn on the power' (so to speak) and allow your incredible nervous system to do what it was designed to do. Carry the signals throughout your body - allowing you to function.

So! Go get adjusted and get your nervous system flowing!


“All parts of your body need electrical energy to function. They get that energy from the brain through the nerves.
Keep those nerve channels open by getting regular maintenance chiropractic care.” - B J Palmer.
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Been chased by TIGERS lately?????

"No!"....I hear you say.

Are you sure??

Did you know that your body reacts to everyday situations just as if you had been chased by a tiger?

-Caught in traffic when you are late for an appointment.                               -Attempting to balance the household budget. 
-Watching a scary movie.
-Getting the kids to school on time.

Your body will produce "fight/flight" hormones just the same as if you were fighting a tiger. These hormones will alter your mood, concentration level, memory, sleep, digestion, blood pressure. 
The best way to address this response is to exercise. Burn those hormones up & restore your normal chemical balance just as if you are fighting the tiger or running away from it.

PS. A Chiropractic Adjustment is a good way to help keep you in balance too!

Breath is Life

Have you ever caught yourself shallow breathing or holding your breath? It can happen quite often. 

When we become stressed we often shallow breathe or even hold our breath. This can reduce oxygenation & increase CO2 levels. The end result may be increased stress, elevated blood pressure and reduced concentration, focus & memory.

To counter this, sit quietly and take ten deep breaths. You may feel slightly light-headed as more oxygen enters the blood, then much clearer in the head.

Pay attention to your breathing.

It’s good for your health.